Excelent performance of Alexis Fueri

EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE OF ALEXIS FUERI EMX125 European Championship Round 6 – Trentino – 23.10.2021 Excellent performance of Alexis Fueri at the Trentino GP The first of the three GP went down at the [...]

Max Spies is the new EMX2T European champion!

MAX SPIES IS THE NEW EMX2T EUROPEAN CHAMPION! Max Spies is the new EMX2T European Champion Decisive victory for Nicholas Lapucci The final round of the European Championship 2T took place in Mantova, [...]

Lapucci is the new EMX250 European champion!

LAPUCCI IS THE NEW EMX250 EUROPEAN CHAMPION! Another memorable victory for Fantic Factory Maddii Racing and Nicholas Lapucci The European Championship was back to action at the Tazio Nuvolari track of Mantova for [...]