GO FAST TURN LEFT… REPEAT This exciting “alternative” way of riding a motorcycle comes straight from the US dirt tracks. This is in fact the very first production flat track inspired motorcycle with 19” street legal dirt wheels, front and rear. The Caballero Flat Track is born to give you a sideways view of life. Flat Track is a very simple style of racing. Jest keep turning left, lap after lap and challenge yourself to achieve the best lap time. Then toss in the mix other riders and the fun begins. Full gas on the straightaway, bend the bike sideways in the corners, keep the maximum speed possible and be fearless.
The Fantic Caballero Flat Track 500 is designed to give an adrenaline rush to every move you make. The 19″ wheels, a characteristic of the Flat Track discipline, provide greater stability and control in turns, ensuring speed and control. Let your personality take over and let the breeze of your dreams carry you away.


The single-cylinder, 4-valve, liquid-cooled, electronic fuel injection engine is now Euro 5 compliant. It provides a great performance on the asphalt, combined with efficiency on off-road tracks. The ECU control unit has an updated mapping, ensuring an even smoother engine power at all RPMs and also optimising performance in terms of maximum power and torque. The exhaust system is made in Italy by Arrow with twin chrome silencers.


The Caballero Flat Track 500 is characterised by a Chrome-molybdenum steel central-tube frame which favours lightness once again, ensuring incredible agility and comfort. The front forks are 41mm upside-down FANTIC FRS, the rear suspension is an adjustable FANTIC FRS. The main feature of Flat Track bikes and this Caballero are the 19″ wheels mounted on both the front and rear. This feature provides greater stability and control sideways. On the asphalt and in everyday use, safety is also enhanced in both wet and dry conditions. The 320mm front and 230mm rear wave brake discs, and the disengageable dual-channel Continental ABS make it even easier to use on the track.


Iconic design, with the same “Caballero” badge on the tank to that of forty years ago. The side number boards display the number 19 (a reference to the characteristic size of the Flat Track wheels). In addition to the matt black colour, the new model year 2021 adds another colour, a new silver to match the darker metallic grey and matt black colouring on the side panels and mudguards.

Technical Data

Homologation: Euro5
449 cc
Max Torque detected*:
43 Nm @ 6000 rpm
64 mm
Fuel system:
Electronic Fuel injection – throttle body ø 40mm
Exhaust system:
Dual exhaust by ARROW
In steel with variable section and progressive link
Spoked with aluminum rims
Continental two-channel ABS (disengageable)
Front suspension travel:
Rear suspension travel:
1425 mm
Dry weight:
150 kg
Fuel consumption:
4,2 l/100 km
Single cylinder 4 stroke, liquid cooled
Max Power detected*:
40 Hp @ 7500 rpm
94.5 mm
Single camshaft – 4 valve
Multi plate wet clutch
CrMo steel central-tube frame
130/80-19, 140/80-19
Front floating brake disc ø320mm – Rear brake disc ø230mm
Front suspension:
ø41mm upside down
Rear suspension:
rebound damping regulation
Seat height:
820 mm – optional seat 840mm
2120 mm
Fuel Tank:
12 l
CO2 emission:
97 g/km