The ENDURO NEW RACING ERA is now also four-stroke!

Featuring models designed for Enduro Trail and Enduro Racing, the new Off-Road Model Year 2022 range has been developed thanks to Fantic’s experience and skills, constantly employed in the Racing and Factory Teams, winning races.

In the new range, the protagonist also in the Enduro World Championship, stand out the models with two and four-stroke engines: XE 125 2tXEF 250 4t and XEF 450 4t.

The Enduro Trail models are equipped with the brand new Minarelli 125 4-stroke engine. A latest-generation engine capable of ensuring an increase in performance while complying with Euro 5 homologation parameters. Important updates to the chassis, ergonomics and aesthetics with new eye-catching liveries inspired by the Fantic Racing models.

XE 125

XEF 250

XEF 450

XEF 450 Rally